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Photo Message in a Bottle gift ideas:     

Preserves a MEMORY in TIME with our Photo Message Bottle gift ideas:

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A Message Bottle handcrafted these One of a Kind greetings that Seals and Protects your Special Moment in Time...

The Ideal Keepsake for: Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birth Announcements and Much More.

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The Ultimate Personalized Greeting You Will Ever Send Or Receive:

A Message Bottle is proud to say that we are the first to bring to the Internet one of the most unique and specialized greetings you could send to a friend or loved one. Introduced by us on the Internet starting in 2005 is our fantastic design and very unique Photo in a Bottle Greeting. We started designing these wonderful photo bottles originally for our family members and they were such a hit with them that we thought it was time to introduce them to our Internet customers. We have received great reviews and feed back from many of our customers and their recipients. Capture a special memory in one of our Message in a Bottle Photo Bottles.

Your photo albums are full of precious photos and memories of your past and present, why not bring out a few of those photos that are so precious to you that you want them displayed on your shelf or your desk at work. NOT just in a regular photo frame, but in a Beautiful Photo Bottle. Your precious black and white photos of Grandma and Grandpa on the day they were married and ventured out to start their family. Branching on down to your parents, to you and now your own children. The possibilities are endless to encapsulate your precious memories.

Message in a Bottle is without a doubt a very special gift, but a Photo Message in a Bottle gives a whole new meaning to Message in a Bottle Gift and Greeting. Your beautiful photo will be framed within a glass bottle instead of your typical "hang it on the wall" frame. Your Photo Message Bottle will not take up much room on any shelf in your house or on a fire place mantle. You can even display it on your desk and have a wonderful conversation piece during your breaks at work. These Photo Message Bottle Gifts are truly a Great Conversation Piece. Give someone a Timeless Memory with a Photo Message in a Bottle and send a Beautiful transparent photo to your loved one or a special friend today. We Welcome you to Contact Us with any questions you have regarding our Photo Message in a Bottle or any of our Message in a Bottle gift ideas.

Adorable Styling & Elegance for Invitations and Announcements:

A Message Bottle not only offers you one of the most exciting and uniquely designed Message in a Bottle Invitations on the Internet to date, we now have a very personalized Photo Bottle Invitation. Send your guests a photo of the Bride and Groom to be, or a photo of the Anniversary Couple about to celebrate wedded bliss of their many years together. Our Photo Message in a Bottle Greetings are designed by our staff right here in the USA. We offer you a keepsake to share with your many guests. The finest personalized greeting in the entire Message in a Bottle industry. Our plastic Photo Message in a Bottle invitations are mailed in a heat sealed clear plastic mailer to protect your Invitation to insure your invitations are not cluttered up with labels and postage.

Now with our Affordable Plastic Photo Bottle Invitations your wonderful images can be shared with guests and given out as invitations or announcements for any special occasion you have coming up. Bridal Shower, Wedding Invitation, Baby Shower, Birthday Party (Over the Hill is always fun and clever!) and don't forget any Business functions you may have that would require an Invitation or announcement.

What type of photo's work best:

For best results photo's should to be as clear as possible, preferably a closeup of the subject or subjects. If there is more than one subject in the photo it would be best to have them as close together as possible which will allow room for your Photo Message Bottle to have a well balanced image. Please try to send only a JPEG formated images as they are not a real heavy image and they should come through to us without any problems. The size and weight of your image is not real important, we will be resizing your photo to fit into the Photo Message Bottle. We are able to work with many different picture formates. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the photo you would like to use we urge you to please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you. We want you to be totally satisfied with your new treasured gift.

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