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Multiple Ordering Discounts:

A Message Bottle offers you a way to SAVE even more. Our unique ordering system allows you to do many things that other conventional ordering systems don't do!!! Look at all the features we can offer you which will also SAVE you MORE. If you have any questions that are not covered in this section, please feel free to Contact us.

Multiple Ordering for Message in a Bottle

Order as many Message in a Bottle as you like and have them shipped to different addresses with a different greeting in each and we will mail them out on the Dates you request for each within the USA

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day or any occasion for any Reason or Season.

Never be Late again, and send them the most Unique Greeting they will ever receive, all with ONE order ONLY

  1. Order as many Message in a Bottle as you want.
  2. Each Bottle ordered can have its own Personalized Greeting
  3. Each Bottle will be able to be sent to a Unique Address
  4. Each Bottle can be mailed out on the Date you Requested
  5. The More you Order, the More you SAVE. (See Chart Below)

Discount Chart Shown Below

Save Money

  • Over $75.00 an additional Save 5% on our Message in a Bottle greetings.5% Savings
  • Over $300.00 an additional Save 15% on our Message in a Bottle greetings.10% Savings
  • Over $500.00 an additional Save 20% on our Message in a Bottle greetings.15% Savings
  • Over $700.00 an additional Save 25% on our Message in a Bottle greetings.20% Savings
  • Over $900.00 an additional Save 25% on our Message in a Bottle greetings.25% Savings

NO SALES CODES ARE NEEDED, (You don't need to remember a special code) Discounts will automatically be deducted at checkout, Offer subject to adjustments due to returns, cancellations and exchanges. Not valid on previous sales or purchases made thru our online stores or with other order level discounts. Shipping , Handling and Taxes do not qualify toward discount. Offer is only valid on U.S. orders Only.


International Orders, Questions or Comments

Please Contact us

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