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A Message Bottle, Official Home of the most unique Gift Ideas and Invitations for many occasions.

We create unique gift ideas that keep Your Memories ALIVE!!!


Photo Message Bottle, the most personalized gift for any Occasion!!

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Message in a Bottle: (For any Season, or Reason)

Left Quote, begining of Testimonial from customerWhat an IDEA, your over the hill messages with a bottle are the most unique way we could have ever found to wish a GREAT BOSS Happy Birthday. Our Boss just TURNED FIFTY and we all wanted to get him something really different, when we found your Over the Hill message bottles we FOUND THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA. Your service was excellent and your ideas are something elseRight Quote, ending of Testimonial from customer
Thanks, Ronnie B. Fort Worth, TX.

Affordable Plastic Message in a Bottle:

It's time we all get involved and start to help one another. Our newly released line of affordable Plastic Message Bottles allows almost everyone to send a Unique personalized greeting and gift idea that will create a MEMORY and a KEEPSAKE.

Our new plastic Message Bottle is affordable priced and includes your personalized greeting elegantly printed on the scroll of your choice. Check our most affordable and very adorable plastic Message Bottles or send as many as you like TODAY to your Loved ones and create a Joyous time for all.

NO Matter what the Occasion, A Message Bottle is truly a
Timeless Message

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Message in a Bottle Gifts for all Occasions:

There is nothing on the Internet today that compares to our very special and personalized Message in a Bottle Gift and Greetings. Truly one of the most unique and specialized greeting and gift ideas all rolled into one. Beautifully designed for any Holiday or special occasion, especially Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, and don't forget about Dad's special day on Father's Day. We have unique designs that can put a real floral bouquet to shame. Real floral arrangements are very beautiful, but they unfortunately wither and die, where as, one of our uniquely designed Message in a Bottle Gift and Greetings will be around for many years to come. Carefully unroll your printed greeting and you can frame it and display it right next to your special gift. Holiday greeting cards are normally thrown away or put in a drawer and forgotten. Whether you choose a floral arrangement in a bottle or a tropical beach scene with a palm tree, sea shells and an umbrella, your special greeting will never wither or fade, OR get stuck in a drawer. Originality at it's best. This is no second rate greeting, by any means. We have been designing Message in a Bottle greetings since 1997. This is one Uniquely styled greeting that can be proudly displayed and be an everlasting reminder of your fond memories for years to come.

Plastic Photo Message Bottle Invitations:

We are very proud of our latest creation. It's an affordable plastic Photo Message in a Bottle Invitation that features a Transparent Photograph inside of your specialized invitation with an image of either the Bride and Groom, Anniversary couple, Baby Picture for a New Birth Announcement or Toddler's Birthday. Any photo that will compliment the occasion and turn your invitation into a Memory. Our photo invitations are sent out in clear plastic bottles and heat sealed in a plastic bag. This insures you have a lovely invitation that is not cluttered up with a paper label or postage stuck all over it. If plastic bottles do not suit your need we can also create your Dream Invitation in glass. Please Contact Us for details. Please be sure your photos are crisp and clear images. If there is more than one subject in your photo they need to be as close together as possible in order to have a clear and sharp image for your special invitation. READ MORE

Message in a Bottle invitations:

Invitations are always an enjoyable part of any event, but can be a lot of hard work. Finding them, filling them out, then taking them to the post office to mail them out. Let us do the work for you. We have very affordable invitations for any occasion you can possibly think of: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Over the Hill Parties (for that special sense of humor in you), Retirement Parties and special Birth Announcements. Our crystal clear Plastic Bottle Invitations are mailed out in a heat sealed plastic bag. This insures you receive a lovely invitation that is not cluttered up with a paper label and postage stuck all over it. If you have a special occasion we have not covered, you are welcome to Contact Us directly and let us know about your special event. We are versatile and can design just about anything you could possibly need. If plastic bottles do not suit your need we can also create your Dream Invitation in glass. You just simply Contact Us and we will assist you. Our affordable Message in a Bottle Invitations are sure to get everyone's attention. READ MORE

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